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CONSTELLATION ACADEMY and meta five GmbH join forces

By April 5, 2023June 28th, 2023No Comments

CONSTELLATION ACADEMY and meta five GmbH join forces

Freienbach, 05. April 2023

meta five will be integrated into CONSTELLATION ACADEMY by decision of its previous owner, thus significantly strengthening the education and coaching group. The firm will continue to operate independently under its brand. CONSTELLATION ACADEMY benefits from meta five’s extensive knowledge in Human Performance Consulting, carrying an excellent reputation for solutions that assess and promote the capabilities of people in organizations, support strategies and thus make companies more successful. meta five offers access to a large network of renowned corporate clients.

At the same time, meta five can offer its services at more than 100 existing CONSTELLATION ACADEMY locations in Germany and Switzerland and benefit from a large network of both corporate and private clients. Thus, creating an expanded, coordinated range of educational, and coaching services for its clients.

The cooperation of the various group companies within CONSTELLATION ACADEMY will bring advantages to all participants. The aim is to relieve the individual companies of administrative tasks, to rationalise these tasks, and to exploit synergies. By doing so, digitalisation can be promoted and shared competence centres strengthened.