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ARCA Holding GmbH and HPN Industrieverpackungen GmbH join forces

By April 8, 2024June 18th, 2024No Comments

ARCA Holding GmbH and HPN Industrieverpackungen GmbH join forces

Freienbach, 8. April 2024

HPN Industrieverpackungen GmbH (“HPN”) is setting new standards in the wood packaging industry. As a wood packaging company from Baden-Württemberg with strong regional roots, HPN specialises in the production of wooden pallets, crates and packaging services. Thanks to long-standing customer relationships and a high degree of digitalisation, HPN is able to offer efficient and high-quality packaging solutions that meet individual customer requirements.

The wooden packaging market is growing sustainably, independent of economic cycles and is characterised by a strong market fragmentation of local, owner-managed companies that are increasingly facing the challenge of succession planning. The importance of digitalisation within the industry is becoming ever more important as companies realise that they must remain innovative to stay competitive.

ARCA Holding GmbH (“ARCA”) is launching the Group’s growth strategy and geographical expansion with HPN. Future acquisitions are intended to create a close-knit network of wood packaging and packaging service companies that will benefit from synergies in purchasing, the professionalisation of processes and digital transformation. HPN will play a key role within ARCA, particularly in the area of digitalisation, with its proprietary ERP system.

HPN will continue to operate independently on the market with the same management team, which will continue to support the future growth strategy of HPN and ARCA. The managing director and former owner, Martin Fix, is in line with ARCA’s strategic vision and has significantly reinvested in ARCA.